For those who are interested in stocking Edward’s Menagerie pattern book please refer to this table as we do not supply the book for trade. The table below contains information on the publishers in your country, their name and contact information for you to buy from. 

UK, Grantham Book Services, 'Edward's Menagerie' and 'Edward's Menagerie: Birds' For sales contact Orders@gbs.tbs-ltd.co.uk, 01476 541080

Australia, Capicorn Link, 'Edward's Menagerie' and 'Edward's Menagerie: Birds' For sales contact books@capricornlink.com.au, 0245 601600

Canada, David and Charles, 'Edward's Menagerie' and 'Edward's Menagerie: Birds' or 'La Ménagerie des doudous' and 'La Ménagerie des doudous: Les Oiseaux' For sales contact 905-877-4411 or 800 840 5220

Czech Republic, Metafora, 'Hackovani Ptacci' For sales contact Magdalena Feldekova magdalena@metafora.cz

Denmark, Turbine, 'Edwards Menageri' and 'Edwards Menageri: Fugle', For sales contact Marie Brocks Larsen, marie@turbine.dk 

Estonia, Tanapaev, 'Lõngast Loomaaed', For sales contact Tauno Vahter, tauno@tnp.ee

Finland, Atso Makela, 'Veikeat Virkatut Elaimet', For sales contact Atso Makela, atso.makela@kustannusmakela.fi ('Birds COMING SOON)

France, Hachette Livre, 'La Ménagerie des doudous' and 'La Ménagerie des doudous: Les Oiseaux, For sales contact Patricia Colin, PCOLIN@hachette-livre.fr 

Germany, Frech Verlag, 'Edwards freche Tierparade' and 'Edwards freche Tierparade: Vogel', For sales contact Katrin Akyol, Katrin.Akyol@frechverlag.de 

Holland, Kosmos Uitgevers, 'Vreemde Vogels Haken', For sales contact Marike den Brok, mdenbrok@kosmosuitgevers.nl  

Hungary, Tolgy Kiado, 'Edward Állatsereglete', For sales contact Aniko Mohacsi, mohacsi.aniko@tolgykiado.hu

Italy, Giunti, 'Allegro Zoo all'uncinetto', For sales contact Tatjana Pauli, T.Pauli@giunti.it 

Norway, Cappelen, 'Barnas Kuleste Kosedyr', For sales contact Marianne Ihlen, Marianne.Ihlen@cappelendamm.no 

Spain, Promotora de Prensa, 'Mascotas de Ganchillo' and 'Aves de Ganchillo', For slaes contact Silvia Serrat, silvia@promopress.es



USA, F&W Media, Edward's Menagerie, For sales contact FW_CIN_ORDERS@fwmedia.com, 1-800-289-0963

If your country is not listed please contact jo@thetoftalpacashop.co.uk for more information.